Intec® “Value Series”

The Intec-G2® Value Series of Water Jet Cutting Systems represents the greatest “VALUE” for money available in the world of profile abrasive Waterjet cutting. The Intec-G2® can cut almost any material to 8″ thick at maximum cutting speeds with minimum Capital outlay. The Intec-G2® is based on the same design platform as the Techjet-X3®. It is these same design solutions that will provide each Intec-G2® customer with a Waterjet machine that lasts longer and requires less maintenance, while delivering an easy to use, fast and accurate system at a very competitive price.

Intec-G2® Features: (Refer to the Features section for more details)


The drive system is a robust and unique design providing super-fast cutting speeds and traverse speeds of almost 1000″/min (25,000mm/min), with high acceleration and deceleration rates, while maintaining high tolerances.

  • Capable of positional accuracy of +/- 0.004″ over entire cutting area.
  • Fully enclosed Bellows that are Double Stitched and Vulcanized
  • Highest quality German made, machine grade linear bearings
  • Stainless Steel Loading Strip
  • Servo “Z” axis with convenient controls at the cutting head


Every Intec-G2® comes standard with Softec™ Waterjet Cutting Software. Some of the features of Softec™ include:

  • DXF Importation
  • Re-Start Cutting from Anywhere
  • Simple to use C.A.D. package
  • Real Time Running and Simulation
  • Focussing Tube Wear Compensation
  • Multiple Origin Points
  • Standard Objects library
  • Offsite notification (option for Intec)