Powerful and Highly Rigid Large CNC Turning Center TG-4010/4020/4030

  • Most Powerful Turning Capability In This Class Of Machine
  • A space is provided above the spindle to allow a long boring bar to be used.
  • Applicable to industry fields related to wind power generation, energy, earth excavation, ships, vehicles, and power machinery

Max. Turning Length (A-Type Spindle)Large Diameter WorkHeavy-Duty Cutting
TG-4010 TG-4020 TG-4030
Max. Turning Length 1000mm 2100mm 3200mm
Spindle Type Spindle-Through Hole Diameter

Bearing Inside Diameter

A Ø131 (5.16″) Ø180 Standard
B Ø185 (7.28″) Ø260 Optional

Turret Type

Max. Turning Diameter

Turning Turret 10-Station (T10) Ø710mm
10-Station (T10) Ø710mm
10-Station (T10S) Ø650mm
Turning & Milling Turret 12-Station (T12M) Ø580mm