Doosan Puma 600

Doosan Puma 600

Doosan Puma 600 lathe series

Puma 600 lathes are big, tough and imposing.

They have a large chucking capability (18” chuck standard) and bar working capacity of (117mm bar diameter), and have been designed to machine large and heavy work-pieces.

Puma 600 machines are used extensively in the power generation, oil and gas and large automotive sectors, and deliver outstanding part accuracies, surface finishes and process reliability.

Puma 600 lathes with long beds (up to 5 metres), driven tools (9kw/3000rpm) and Y-axes (200mm) are all available.

  • Powerful, high-torque spindles (45kW/1800rpm)
  • Maximum turning length: up to 5 metres
  • Milling capability (9kW/3000rpm)

Technical Specifications
Chuck size: 18” standard
Bar capacity: 117mm
Maximum swing: 1140mm
Maximum turning diameter: 900mm
Maximum turning length: 5050mm
Spindle (power and speed): 45kW/1800rpm
Milling spindle (model dependent): 9kW/3000rpm
Y-axis (model dependant): 200mm (+/- 100mm)
Turret: 12 position
Control: Fanuc 32i